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Born of the 48 Hour Film Project in 2014, this fast paced collaboration with composer, Deavyn West and a team of artists was composed, recorded live, and integrated into the short film, "Sewn" in less than two days.

Music Videos

Meditation No. 2 - Nocturne (Studio Session)

Jacob Seyer, 2018


Jacob Seyer, Official Video (Live, 2020)

Candyrat records
Q&A Videos

Q&A no. 1 // Fingerstyle Guitar Technique

Q&A no. 2 // 5 Tips for Generating ‘Originality’ In Your Music

Q&A no. 3 // 3 Steps to Storyboarding and Detailing Instrumental Music // + Studio Tour

Q&A no. 4 // Use Common Musical Form to Develop Your Hooks

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