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To read over a dozen
Student and Audience


Listening to Jacob Seyer's new CD "Migration". 
Amazing guitar work, truly original approach to the acoustic guitar by this talented guitarist/composer based in Vancouver.  The music is deep, multi-layered, and goes beyond the popular trends we now hear in acoustic (steel) guitar music... Congratulations Jacob!!

Joy Rajan, Student

“I first met Jacob at the Vancouver International Guitar Festival 2018 and again in 2019. I was blown away by his style of music, his humour, and his overall kind spirit. I am so fortunate to be his student and to finally hear my calling to Fingerstyle Guitar. He’s a great teacher and he even makes the essentials of music theory i.e. sight reading fun (that’s skill right there lol). After a lot of not so great teachers I can say from my own experience Jacob’s the best teacher I have ever had and I hope anyone reading this will come to support him in his music and/or learn from him.” 


We met Jacob recently at an event, and we were so captivated by his sound and amazing playing skills. His composition style is tremendously unique and powerful, and we are thrilled to partner with Jacob to begin building a customized business plan for his ground breaking projects!

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